About us
Holly's Garden came about when my dog Hollywood crossed the bridge. I created a special garden for her to rest and Holly's Garden was born. Since then I have also lost my male Buckie and their children Curly and Katrina. All rest in Holly's Garden. Their true, unconditional love taught me what life is about and the importance of giving, forgiving and caring for one another. They were, and continue to be the truest, purest form of love I have ever known. I started this rescue in their honor, hoping to give life and love to their kind as they did me.
     Hollywood                Buckie             Katrina
                Josee                                Paris
My current dogs, Paris and Josee, have taught me the importance of rescue. I was so blessed to be able to adopt them from Lhasa Happy Homes.
The lesson is how with patience and love you can transform a life, give it new light, and renew their trust in human kind by extending friendship and compassion.
For their souls are special and deserving - Mans Best Friend.

There are thousands of animals put down every year in San Diego County due to no fault of their own. These are good dogs that pay the price because we humans don't have the time, patience, or desire to give them the loyalty and love that they give us. It is our hope at Holly's Garden to take in and save as many of these beautiful animals as possible and find them forever homes and that you will continue to support us in this effort.
We thank you for thinking Rescue.

    Susan Cuervo