Blossom Valley
 We have been blessed with the contribution of land to continue our work in saving more dogs. It is a lovely 2 acre parcel with kennels, grooming room, exercise yards, training court yard and rooms for the care of sick or injured dogs, and storage.  We are very excited about the possibilites for this project...and how it can benefit the public as well as the rescue dogs. But, there is a lot of work to do in order for us to start using the facility.  It is in disrepair and we are going to need help to make it the gem it was meant to be. Please check out the list below, maybe you have something laying around that you could donate....or sponsor an item.
    Wish List
 2. Plywood sheets
 3. Insulation
 4. 2x4's
 5. 4x4's
 6. Dry wall screws
 7. Nails of all kind
 8. Pavers, bricks for walkways
 9. Chain link fencing and posts
10.Hoses and hand sprayers
11.Tools, rakes, etc.
12.Irrigation timers
13.Solor lights
14.Galvanized trash cans
15.Synthetic grass
16.Wood fence dog ear boards
17.Security camera's
18. Drip irrigation systems
19. Drywall
20. air conditioners and heaters